Seafood Australia Ltd is a UK based company that imports and sells WILD and farmed frozen whole in shell, and canned abalone all from Australia for delivery in the UK and elsewhere in Europe.
The Australian WILD caught industry and abalone aquaculture industry produce abalone to the highest standard under government supervision to ensure sustainability. Premium, sashimi grade species include Greenlip (Haliotis laevigata), Blacklip (Haliotis laevigata) and Tiger (Haliotis laevigata x rubra). The sweet, subtle flavour, tender texture and pearl white meat makes these highly prized ocean delicacies the first choice of discerning chefs across the world.
Caution: Some sea snails from other countries are substituted and sold at full price as “abalone”, but they are not true abalone. True abalone belongs to the genus Haliotis . Wikipedia has a complete explanation here. Be careful what, and where you buy.

Retail Outlets

Our Australian abalone is available for retail sale at a number of oriental supermarkets, including national chains such as Hoo Hing, See Woo and Loon Fung. It is also available at the Welcome Supermarket in Hatfield.